ASEAN Region Weekly (13 Sep. 2019)


Southeast Asia offers concrete proof that novel and localized models can help solve some of the most pressing social and development problems, a senior official said. (China Daily)

Southeast Asia’s private sector has called on ASEAN heads of state and governments to make a collective statement for world economic peace as the simmering trade war threatens the global economy. (Bangkok Post)


Indonesia appealed to ASEAN members to continually bolster solidity and intra-regional cooperation to placate tensions in international economic relations that will negatively impact global economic growth and augment investment climate uncertainty. (Antara)

Indonesia’s economy, which has been growing steadily at around 5.3 percent per year on average since the start of the millennium, could be dragged down as it faces downside risks associated with the increasingly clouded outlook for the global environment, the World Bank has said. (Jakarta Post)