ASEAN Region Weekly (13 Sep. 2019)

ASEAN Southeast Asia offers concrete proof that novel and localized models can help solve some of the most pressing social and development problems, a senior official said. (China Daily) Southeast Asia’s private sector has called on ASEAN heads of state and governments to make a [Read More]

ASEAN Region Weekly (30 Aug. 2019)

ASEAN Telecom regulators in ASEAN have agreed in principle on revenue collection from over-the-top (OTT) service providers operating in the region, though the approaches will have to be figured out by the countries themselves. The regulators met this week in Bangkok at the 25th ASEAN [Read More]

Inclusive Business Policies in ASEAN

ASEAN The leaders of the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) acknowledged the strong support for inclusive business by its member states and called for greater emphasis on creating an enabling environment for inclusive business in ASEAN, among others through conducive rules and regulations. [Read More]

ASEAN Region Weekly (16 Aug. 2019)

Indonesia Government efforts to take advantage of the trade war failed miserably as exports remain sluggish and foreign investments went to more attractive regional peers such as Vietnam, adding to President Joko Widodo’s already heavy workload. Indonesia recorded a trade deficit of US$63 million in [Read More]

ASEAN Region Weekly (26 Jul. 2019)

Indonesia Analysts and businesspeople have said that Bank Indonesia will need to further slash its reference interest rate in order to stimulate the economy. (Jakarta Post) Philippines Foreign banks said they expect the Philippines to achieve gross domestic product growth of about 6% this year, [Read More]

ASEAN Region Weekly (19 Jul. 2019)

ASEAN The 34th Asean Summit in Bangkok emphasized the importance of advancing partnerships for sustainability to achieve a people-centred, people-oriented and forward-looking Asean community that leaves no one behind in the rapidly changing regional and global environment. (The Star) Indonesia The latest trade data suggest [Read More]

ASEAN Region Weekly (5 Jul. 2019)

ASEAN Leaders from the members of ASEAN on Saturday adopted Bangkok Declaration on Combating Marine Debris in ASEAN Region here during the 34th ASEAN Summit. (Xinhua) The ASEAN has offered its own version of the Indo-Pacific Strategy, including the bloc’s own vision for cooperation in [Read More]

ASEAN Region Weekly (3 Apr. 2019)

Indonesia ADB has committed US$2.6 billion this year to support Indonesia, primarily in developing infrastructure projects, said Ramesh Subramaniam, the ADB director general of the Southeast Asian department in Fiji on Wednesday. (Jakarta Post) The monthly inflation rate increased to 0.44 percent in April, higher [Read More]

ASEAN Region Weekly (26 Apr. 2019)

ASEAN ASEAN Chair Thailand has lined up 13 ambitious goals to achieve regional integration as the 25th ASEAN Economic Ministers’ Retreat kicks off today in Phuket, where two pacts are set to be signed to enhance services trade and investment within the group. (The Nation) [Read More]

ASEAN Region Weekly (29 Mar. 2019)

ASEAN ASEAN countries need to strengthen co-operation and share their experiences to ensure they can lead the way on next-generation 5G wireless technology. So said Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Đức Đam at the conference on 5G & Development of Digital ASEAN in Ha Noi. (Viet [Read More]